Friday, 29 January 2010

Back and ready to go

How lovely to come back to all these comments and new followers! I've been reading Jayne's Master's blog, and it's got me very horny indeed. I don't know how she can stand not coming when she plays with herself: I could never achieve that self-control. Nor would I want to, in all honesty. I love teasing myself but I love coming too much not to give myself that pleasure.

I'm sitting at my desk, fully dressed, and I've just pulled the blind down on the window so my neighbours can't see me (would I want them to? Yes... and no). I've pulled my trousers and knickers down and plunged a finger into my cunny: it's wet and my clit is throbbing. I give myself a quick rub, but inspired by Jayne, I want to draw this out as long as possible.

I've opened my legs and although I had a shower an hour ago, I can still smell the faint odour of my husband's cum from last night, when I masturbated myself to an orgasm as I sat astride his cock. It's turned me on even more.

I'm now teasing myself with a pen, plunging it in and out and rubbing it against my clit. God, that feels good... I'm pressing it up fast against my cervix and jiggling it from side to side, and it's so tempting to come like that, it feels so good! But I'm resisting heroically...

No, it's no good. The urge to come is too strong, and so I let myself go. Who'd've thought so much pleasure could be found in the shaft of a biro?

Monday, 4 January 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

And in my absence I've acquired a new follower, wetwoman! I'm really pleased to have a female follower and have now read wetwoman's own blog with great interest and pleasure.

I haven't masturbated (alone) once since I last posted: we spent the holiday period with my in-laws, so I didn't get much time alone.

I also won't be posting for the next few weeks, as I'm on holiday - but rest assured that I haven't abandoned the blog and will be back at the end of the month.