Sunday, 29 November 2009

Last night I fancied a little wank...

Last night I fancied a little wank before I went to sleep. I had intended to use my key ring vibrator, a nifty little tool that is discreet, slips easily into the vag, is ideal for non-demanding self abuse but powerful enough to provide a satisfactory climax. I was planning on going to sleep with it inside me, easily done as its chain prevents any chance of it disappearing into the depths. But woe is me! Its battery was flat and I didn't have any others of the right size. I had to break out old faithful, a bog standard cream-coloured 6 inch ribbed job which is probably remarkably similar to most women's first encounter with any vibrator. (It certainly was mine - my first-ever vibrator was a smaller version of the same model, given to me as a joke on my 17th birthday. Joke it may have been, but it certainly saw intensive use.)

As I really wanted a sleepy kind of climax, I lay down on my side with old faithful between my legs, gently moving it up and down my flaps and occasionally plunging it down into my cunny. Of course, then I got more into it, turned onto my back and let my fingers do the talking. I thought briefly about popping a finger up my arse, but decided against it - it usually wakes me up too much to let me sleep for a couple of hours afterwards. So old faithful stayed in the place it knows best, pumping rhythmically in and out of my cunny, until my finger on my clit brought me to a climax.

Friday, 27 November 2009

I'm a wanker

I suppose that makes me sound like a man, but I don't see why I should be prevented from using a perfectly acceptable 4-letter word just because I haven't got the right bits!

I have always loved playing with myself. I can remember being aged about 8, and giving my vag an exploratory squeeze every now and then, just for that curious jolt of pleasure which came every time I touched a certain part: only from the outside, at that time - I don't think my finger ever ventured inside.

I was 13 when I had my first orgasm. I was rubbing myself through my nightie, when suddenly that pleasant tingling sensation became more and more intense and my finger moved ever faster until - well, until I came. It's a long time ago now, and I can't honestly remember if I was surprised or if I already knew about orgasms in theory. Anyway after that there was no stopping me, though I think it was still a while before I actually delved inside my nightie to the damp treasures within.

My hormones really started kicking when I was 14. It's normally teenage boys who are considered to be perpetually horny, but I had a permanent itch. I wanked in the school toilets, in the living room before my parents came home, and over and over again in my bedroom - no matter how often I did it, I always craved more. Of course, what I really needed was a good hard fuck, but I was still a virgin and had never tried shoving a finger up my vag - although I was in direct touch with my clitoris by then.